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 Our Package and Label Designs Give Your Product

Shelf Visibility to Increase Your Sales 

Our GRAFIXOncall service provides the creative know-how to design exciting, purchase-inspiring packages. With 18 years experience in consumer goods packaging, we can advise and consult on the best options for packaging your products. Your package is your main opportunity to reach out and touch a busy consumer in today's highly competitive marketplace. Let us put our experience and creativity to work for you to make sure that touch turns into a sale.


 We Are Not Just Graphic Designers,

We Also Know How To Market Your Products

Successful graphics require an intimate knowledge of reproduction methods, i.e. offset printing, direct to corrugated printing, litho laminates, die cut projects, silk screen transfer, flexography and dry transfer printing. We have the experience to produce appropriate graphics for all these reproduction methods. Don't get stuck with a design that is not suited for quality printing. Having to rework your project because of inexperience only costs YOU time and money.

We specialize in package design and have produced great packages for diverse markets including food, skin and beauty care, garden, health and dietary supplement, pet and spa.


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